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Newly infected 3,COVID-19 increased to 46 in Rangamati

COVID-19  has been identified in the bodies of three more people in Rangamati.  In all, the number of corona victims in the hill town of Rangamati is still 46 !

Three more names were added to the corona infectation in the city throughout  May, according to a midnight report.

Of the 45 reports from the specialized institute Bangladesh Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases (BITID) and Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Science University (CVASU) at Fauzdarhat in Chittagong on Friday, three were positive and 42 were negative.

According to the report on Friday, one of the three newly identified corona patients is from Rangamati town and the other two are from Naniyarchar and Kaukhali upazilas. The victim was identified as an employee of Alliance Hospital in Rangamati.

Dr. Mostafa Kamal, Corona Focal Person of the Rangamati Civil Surgeon’s Office, confirmed that three new cases have been reported.

He said the total number of victims in Rangamati, including these three, is now 47. Four of the first victims have already recovered and are in the final 14-day home quarantine.

Earlier on May 6, 4 people were infected with corona for the first time in Rangamati. Then on 12 May 1 person, on 13 May 9 people, on 14 May 11 people, on 17 May 1 person, on 19 May 17 people and on 22 May 3 people were infected in Corona.


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