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In Rangamati

17 more people were infected in one day, Increased to 43

After two days of emptiness, terrible news came for the hill town of Rangamati from Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Science University (CVASU).

The report that came at midnight on Tuesday revealed that, 17 more people were affected On COVID-19 in the district town ! Now, A total of 43 people were affected in the district!

Dr. Mostafa Kamal, Focal Person of Rangamati Civil Surgeon’s Office about COVID-19, confirmed the matter last night. However, he could not immediately reveal the details of all the victims profession or detailes.

The doctor confirmed that the results came from Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Science (CVASU) after midnight on Tuesday.

From the areas of the city where positive people were found in this report, Chakra Para-1, Rajbari-1, Manikchhari-1, Dewan Para-1, Rangamati General Hospital-2, Uttar Kalindipur-3, Rangapani -1, Majherbasti -1, Magistrate Colony -1, Roy Bahadur Road -3, Kalyanpur -1 and Omdamia Hill of Tabalchhari -1.

Incidentally, the total number of victims in Rangamati district stood at 43.

Earlier on May 6, 4 people were first identified in this district. Of these, 1 person was infected on 12 May, 9 people on 13 May and 11 people on 14 May. Then on May 17 another nurse was attacked. The latest report on the night of May 19 found 17 people infected.

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