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4 Covid-19 Cases identified in Rangamati

At last,corona infected Rangamati, the only district of Bangladesh where Corona remained free until Wednesday.

Dr. Mostafa Kamal, corona in-charge of the Rangamati Civil Surgeon’s Office, confirmed that, corona was found in the bodies of 4 people in a sample test in Chittagong on Wednesday.

He said, we have confirmed the matter from Chittagong a while ago. He also confirmed that one of the victims was a nurse of Rangamati Sadar Hospital.

Dr. Bipash Khisa, Civil Surgeon of Rangamati, said that, the samples of the victims were collected on April 29, today we know the results. One of them is from Reserve Bazar, one from Debashish Nagar, one from Sadar Hospital area and another from Mollapara area near Rangamati Hospital. One of the victims is 9 months old, one is 19, one is 36 and one is 50 years old.

Rangamati Deputy Commissioner, AKM Mamunur Rashid said, the affected areas would be locked down and since their samples were collected seven days ago on April 29 and the positive results were real today, the samples would be collected again and sent for re-examination.

As four corona patients were identified in four separate areas of Rangamati town, the local administration has conducted two complete and two partial lockdowns in the areas.

Uttam Kumar Das, NDC of Rangamati district administration, confirmed that the move was taken in the afternoon after the report came from Chittagong at noon on Wednesday.

Patharghata No. 1, Debashish Nagar area and some parts of the hospital area and some parts of Mollapara area, near the Rangamati hospital were completely locked down by local administration.

NDC also said, that in the areas where the lockdown has taken place, everyone in the area must comply with the lockdown.

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