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The last Corona Free District ‘Rangamati’!

As of Wednesday night, the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) reports that Rangamati is the only CORONA-free hill district in Bangladesh out of 64 districts.

So far, 6,103 people in 63 districts have been infected with corona and 173 have died, the agency said.

However, Rangamati is the only district in the country till April 29, where no corona positive patient has been found yet.

At last, In the nearest neighboring district Khagrachhari, on the same day, a person returning from Narayanganj tested corona positive.

Earlier on April 18, a person from Ghumdhum Union in Naikhyangchhari Upazila of Bandarban, another hill district, tested positive for corona.

Later, Four more people including a policeman were attacked in Thanchi, Lama and Naikhyangchhari of Bandarban and a total of five corona patient were identified.

Meanwhile, the first affected person of Ghumdhum Union in Naikhyangchhari tested negative for corona in the second and third lab tests, and he returned home after fully recovered.

The first corona patient to be identified in Dighinala of Khagrachhari on Wednesday. As a result, corona became infected in two districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bandarban and Khagrachari. However, Rangamati district, known as the capital of the hills, is still out of infection.

However, a resident of Langadu in Rangamati, a truck driver by profession, has effected corona in Habiganj and is undergoing treatment there. A young Marma from Betbunia in Rangamati is undergoing treatment in Narayanganj due to corona effection, while working as a health worker. And also a government official from Rangamati, working as AC land in Bhairab, is also undergoing treatment after being identified as corona positive.

However, no corona positive patient has been found in Rangamati district yet.

According to the Rangamati District Civil Surgeon’s Office, a total of 221 samples have been collected from the district and sent to Chittagong for testing till the night of April 29, out of which 132 have been reported and each report is negative. The rest of the report is awaited. At the same time, a total of 1,777 people have been sent to quarantine in the district, out of which 1,268 are in home quarantine and 509 are in institutional quarantine.

Apart from this, three people died in Rajasthan, Baghaichhari and Rangamati Sadar of Rangamati due to corona symptoms. Two of them were in isolation. All three of them were buried and cremated like corona patients. But the Corona report did not show any signs of corona positive in the bodies of the three.

But when the whole country is fight against corona, at that time the largest district of the country with an area of 6,116.13 square kilometers is corona free in any magic, everyone is thinking. According to the latest census of 2011, the population of Rangamati is 6 lakh 20 thousand 214 people. Out of this huge population, 221 samples have been collected so far.

Asked whether the matter was normal, Dr. Mostafa Kamal, in-charge of the Corona Unit of the Rangamati Civil Surgeon’s Office, said, “In fact, we have collected samples from all the suspects and sent them for examination.” Now there is no point in catching a healthy person and collecting samples. for this reason our sent sample quantity is fewer.’

What is the reason of that Rangamati has remained CORONA-free till now, the doctor said, the administration of Rangamati was an exception rather than the rest of the country. From the very beginning, they have closed all the entrances to Rangamati and forced the people outside to quarantine at home and institutional quarantine. Didn’t give anyone the minimum discount. The people of the district have also shown a lot of awareness. At the same time, Rangamati district has some advantages due to its geographical location, inaccessibility and being surrounded by lakes, he said.

However, the doctor also said, “There is no reason to be complacent right now. We all need to be careful, not to go out of the house, not to disobey the instructions in any way.” Because the danger is not over yet.

Asked how Rangamati district was kept CORONA-free,tilln now, Rangamati Deputy Commissioner AKM Mamunur Rashid said, “We are still CORONA-free due to our efforts and the cooperation, awareness and sincerity of the people of Rangamati.” However, we are not safe yet, there is no guarantee that we will be corona free. Therefore, everyone must be aware and responsible. In no way can the current situation be relaxed. You have to stay at home, you have to adhere to social distance. ‘

“Everyone has to follow the government’s instructions if we want to be safe in the end,” he said.

He also said, `I think the last two days people have been in a bit of a relaxed mood, so we have made the mobile court more active and the law enforcement has also been tougher. We have tightened all the entrances to Rangamati district. we need to support from everybody.’


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