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Three UPDF activists die in Khagrachhari

The gunfight broke out between the UPDF members and an army patrol unit in the district’s Dighinala, the ISPR said on its website on Sunday. Three firearms were also recovered from the scene.

But the ISPR did not disclose any further information on the incident. Details of the matter will be revealed later, an ISPR official told .

UPDF, however, alleged that the three members were picked up and killed by the security force.

Three bodies were recovered from the town’s Borodam area and brought to the police station, said Dighinala Police OC Uttam Kumar Deb. But police could not identify the bodies.

Angya Marma, convener of the UPDF’s Khagrachhari chapter, said three members of the group were nabbed from the Kripapur area early on Monday morning before being taken to the Binandachokh area a few kilometres away and shot to death.

“The information on the shootout is not true. This is nothing more than a staged drama,” he told.

Earlier, Niron Chakma, the chief spokesperson for the UPDF, in a signed statement condemned the arrest of three group members and demanded their immediate release.

The members are Nabin Jyoti Chakma, 38, Bhujendra Chakma, 50, and Ruchil Chakma alias Russel, 26.


(news courtesy :BDnews24.com)

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