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The triumph of youth in Rangamati DSA

Election of the executive committee of Rangamati District Sports Association (2018-2022) was held. The polling started in nine in the morning ended at three. At that time, 72 voters of the District Sports Association voted all.

Mamunur Rashid Mamun 60 votes, Akbar Hossain Chowdhury 56 votes, Varun Bkash Dewan 45 votes, Pritam Roy got 33 votes while the vice president of the district sports association election. Their rival Sunil Kanti de 30, Md. Shah Alam 26 and Moin Uddin Selim got 23 votes.

Shafiul Azam elected as the general secretary of district sports association, he got 43 votes. His nearest rival candidate Kingshuk Chakma got 21 votes, another rival Abdul Mamun got 7 votes.

Nivanan Chakma elected 40 votes for Additional general secretary. On the other hand, another rival candidate Manoj Kumar Tripura gets 30 votes.

Joint general secretary Abdus Sabur was elected 66 votes and Mithul Dewan got 45 votes. Their rival candidate Shekhar Sen received 26 votes. In the Treasurer, Monirul Islam was elected 37 votes, his rival candidate Rizesh Barua Romel got 34 votes.

Pradip Barua 66, Md. Abu Tayab 65, Tapash Kumar Chakma 62, Ashish Kumar Chakma (Nab) 57, Ronn Chakma 56, Saiful Alam (Rashed), 55, Ahmed Fazlur Rashid Selim 52, Benu Datta 51, Nasir Uddin Sohel 49, Md. Ramjan Ali 48, Ahmed Humayun Kabir 46, Jhinuk Tripura 45, Joyjit Khista 42 and Touhidul Alam Mamun were elected 41 votes.

Four were defeated in this post. Of the four, Nurul Mostafa Minar 33, Faruque Ahmed Talukdar (Bipu) 32, Md. Shah Alam 32, Wahidul Alam 31 and Indradatta Talukder got 28 votes.

Executive Member (reserved) Md. Mustafa Kamal (45) and Dipen Dewan Titu (44). Their rival, Zillol Majumder, got 25 votes, Sudarsan Barua 15 and Biswad Barua got 11 votes.

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