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Khagrachhari in festive mood to celebrate Boishabi

People of ethnic minority groups decorated their houses, prayer houses with flower and foliages for new hope, aspiration, sprit in coming year with a commitment to maintain peace and tranquility in the area.
Numerous organizations including Khagrachhari Hill District Council (KHDC), Khagrachhari district administration, Khagrachhari Police Administration, Khagrachhari Minor Ethnic Cultural Institute (MECI), Marma Unnayon Sangsad, Bangladesh Marma Sanghathan Oikya Parishad, Bangladesh Tripura Sangsad, Zilla Durnity Protirodh Committee, Hill Star Group, Hill Moon and many other renowned socio-cultural organizations have taken 15-day cultural programme as a part of the celebration of the new calendar year Boishakh of Bangali, Baishu of Tripura, Sangrain of Marma and Bizu of Chakma community at different spots under nine upazilas in Khagrachhari district.
Khagrachari Army Region Commander Brigadier General Abdul Mutaleb Sazzad Mahmud has formally inaugurated three-day Boishabi celebration programme organized by MECI at its premises at the evening on April 8.
Khagrachhari Hill District Council (KHDC) and Khagrachhari district administration scheduled to bring out colourful rally on Wednesday and Saturday respectively.
Moreover, Tripura people have taken 3-day programme aiming to celebrate new calendar year ‘Baishu’. The programme formally begins on 29 Chaitra (April-12) with ‘Hari-Baishu’ programme. On the day, Tripura people clean their houses, worships and decorated those with flower, leaves and foliages. They also display traditional dance ‘Goraiya’ in the day.
The Tripura people would observe ‘Boishuma’ on Chaitra 30 (April-13) and to travel at their relative’s house and take delicious foods. On the first day of Boishakh (April-14) they welcome Tripura calendar year through traditional programme ‘Bichi-Kathal’.
Marma people will observe Sangrine through four-day programme. The first-day programme will start on the morning of 29 Chaitra (April 12) over cleaning their houses, worships and decorate those with flower, leaves and foliages and at the evening Marma people light candles at the Keyang (Buddists Prayer house) and would pray seeking blessing of the almighty for country and its people.
On the second day, Chaitra 30 (April-13), they would organize different traditional sports including “Dha” and “Alari” when they would welcome new calendar year with colorful cultural programme and to offer traditional foods to their relatives and guests on the third day (April-14) and they would pray at Buddhist temple for better days on the final day (April-15).
Chakma community also celebrates their new year festival ‘Bizu’ with three days long programme. On the first day they celebrate ‘Phul Bizu’ on Chaitra 29 (April-12),  Phul Bizu is a traditional function of Chakma community in the areas, where all Chakma people including young girls and boys releasing flowers in the river water, expecting good days with peace and prosperity in the coming new year.
They also will celebrate ‘Mulbizu’ on Chitra 30 (April-13) through inviting relatives, friends, well-wishers at their home and to welcome new calendar year on the first Boishakh (April-14) through traditional programme Gojja-puja (having wine and taking rest).

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