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Human chaine Against illegal Stone Lifting in Bandarban

Alauddin Shahriar : Bandarban people have organized a human chain program to stop the lifting of stones illegally from the jhiri-jharna and canel.

In front of the  local Press Club, a group of people from different classes took part in human chain activities organized by the Marma Student Council. Local media activists also expressed their moral support in the human chain.

President of District Corruption Prevention Committee Anchumong Marma, District President of the Land Conservation Movement of Bandarban Juwamalion Amlai, former General Secretary of the Press Club Minarul Haque, Marma Student Council’s representative Shyam Marma, Chak student organization representative Thoi Kai Jai Chak, Khumi Student representative nanpha khumi.

Anti-Corruption Committee leader, Anchumong Marma said that, the stones were lifted illegally in different areas of the hills along with the Sangu river. Due to the scarcity of water, the people of the remote areas are suffering from water crisis. Once the stone lifting is not stopped, the Sangu river will also be threatened.




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